You will be able to attend 2 panels, read below to see which ones you’re most interested in!

Wait?! Getting dressed for the day will help me not feel like crap?


A panel to help boost your inner and outer glam! Let’s give those yoga pants a break. We’re talking beauty, style and how to own your hotness. Because trust us, you’re hot.

Abby Smith @twistmepretty

Emily Frame  @emilyframe

Kayti Oldham @thebeyoutybureau

Alycia Crowley @alyciagrayce

Life is full of curveballs: What to do when things don’t turn out how you thought they would.


Sorrow and joy can coexist. We’re talking about loss, heartache and other rough stuff, but also how to find the joy and light amid it.

Jill Thomas @_jillthomas

Heidi Swapp @heidiswapp

Ashlynn Mitchell @mamabear.fitness

Emily Meyers @thefreckledfox

Why loving your body is the best way to love somebody!


Girl, your booty is on fire! But if you can’t see that, or you’re looking for more ways to feel the burn, and why it’s so important, let us show you how!

Sadie Sabin @simplysadiejane

Jill Kaufusi @jillkfitness

Jenna Rammell @jennaskitchen

Amelia Jones @ameliahannah

Being a mom is like, hard?


So we’re supposed to contribute to the world, have a banging body and NOT scream at the children? This panel is looking to help you find the joy in motherhood, because someone told us it was supposed to be fun.

Caroline Drake @armelle_blog

Oakely Petersen @nothingdownaboutit

Jenica Parcell  @asliceofstyle

Shelby Osmond @shelbyosmond

Drive it like you stole it: How to be the boss of your life!


Work life balance? YEAH RIGHT. We’re talking about letting go of the idea that you have to do it all, so you focus on what you CAN do, and totally dominate at it.

Susan Petersen @freshlypicked

Shelly Smith @houseofsmiths

Jordan Page @funcheaporfree

Tara Brooke @mstarabrooke

But what am I doing with my life?!


This panel is talking about finding what you’re good at, no matter what it is, and how you can use your unique talents to make the world super awesome. If you’re feeling stuck, directionless or restless this one is for you!

Kate Call @latewithkate

Tosha Seeholzer @hellotosha

Dani Krum @danimariekrum

Anna Macfarlane @kidsaretheworst