100% of every penny (through ticket sales or donations) from our Come Together event is going to the Friends of Utah County Children’s Justice Center. ️

It’s difficult for small charities, that aren’t funded nationally, and don’t have an online reach to raise awareness and money. And frankly realizing just how prevalent child abuse is (in our own communities or anywhere) isn’t fun, and people don’t like to think about it.

But places like the Children’s Justice Center are where the healing and hope start. ️ This home-like building is where families go when child abuse has been disclosed. There they meet with the authorities and social workers. The CJC does everything in their power to help the child and family feel loved, supported and safe. They provide resources, help streamline how the child reports abuse to minimize trauma, and they have medical staff on site to perform the exams needed for court, and for the child’s peace of mind. Any person you interact with, who has had to go through the CJC says the staff and workers there are angels. And they are.


You can learn more about the Utah County Children’s Justice Center HERE